An authentic piece of Aachen

opposite the town hall and Karlsbrunnen

Situated in the midst of the picturesque old town at the Aachen market place, the Golden Swan is not only in a marvellous location, but also has an impressive historical background. The Golden Swan is the oldest inn in Aachen, with records of it dating back to 1438. As a result, the Golden Swan is a living part of the city’s history and a real Aachen institution in which tradition and the modern go hand-in-hand.

Tavern and Bar

A popular meeting place for the young and old

Whether you are a tourist or local, student or professor, business person or artist, … at the Golden Swan people of all ages, nationalities, levels of society, and cultures have always felt welcome. Eating and drinking, talking and laughing, debating and philosophising, boisterous celebrating or simply relaxing after a long day – each to their own!

The Aachen Tavern

cosy, alive, casual, cheerful...

Just as unique as the special atmosphere of the Golden Swan, is the multitude of possibilities offered by this establishment steeped in tradition.

The Swan is the right place for any reason and for every occasion – whether it’s for a quick beer after work or a romantic candle-lit dinner, a little breather from a round of shopping or a pleasant evening with friends, an elegant family reunion or a proper party, …


Ground Floor

The Tavern Restaurant and Bar – affectionately called ’Das Kneipchen' (the little bar) by the locals

(Seats 80)

1st Floor

„Charlemagne’s View“

(Seats 40)

2nd Floor

„Town Hall View“

(Seats 40)


A large sun terrance in front of the establishment and the “Karlsbrunnen” fountain

(Seats 180)

Food and Beverages

In the Golden Swan tradition is a top priority, by interpreted in a modern fashion. Come and enjoy our down-to-earth Aachen tavern-style kitchen:

Regional Specialties

for small and large appetites

Seasonal Delicacies

for example asparagus, chanterelles, mussels, and wild goose

Special Dishes

like our Aachen tapas or our versions of tarte flambée and potato fritters

Our Menus
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The History

Gastronomy since 1438

A short journey through the history of the Golden Swan

15th Century: Wine Tavern and Coaching Inn

In the 15th century the Golden Swan was initially owned by its namesake, the Swane family, who owned multiple houses at the Aachen Market with the Golden Swan most likely being the main building. In the documents recorded in the Aachen city archives, the Swan was established in 1438 as a wine tavern and presumably a coaching inn at the same time, where riders would change horses, use the travellers’ accommodations and get food for their journey. In 1460 the then mayor Stefan von Roide sold the establishment 'Zum Schwan' to Johann von Ameln for an annual payment of 17 guilders.

16th-18th Century: A central location for socialisation and communication

In the following years, the “Schwann” (Swan) developed into a popular meeting place for the citizens of Aachen: it was just as much a place to exchange news as it was a centre of social and political communication, and beyond that, a hangout for the guilds and associations of Aachen. They had debates and talked politics in the Swan – and increasingly drank home-brewed beer over wine!

19th and 20th Century: Microbrewery and Gourmet Restaurant

The inscription above the entrance of the Golden Swan and the old brewery equipment in the vaulted cellars are the only remaining evidence that it was a brewery in the 19th century where people in Aachen loved to meet for a sophisticated beer. After the Second World War, the Swan shifted its focus to gastronomy, spoiling the Aachen population as one of the first new German gourmet restaurants with a home-style tavern kitchen.

From the 1960s to present day: Aachen hotspot, cult student bar, tourist magnet...

Whatever the Golden Swan means to you, from the 1960s until present day, it was, is, and will continue to be a meeting place for the young and old, a modern tavern with centuries of tradition in which guests of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages can feel at home!

Contact and Directions

Call now and make reservations:

+49 (0)241 31649 (German Landline)

Markt 37 | 52062 Aachen | Germany


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